Journey of the company from an underperformed IPO to investors’ sweetheart

Had you invested ₹10,000 in Infosys IPO (~100 shares), the investment at the moment would have grown to over ₹7 Crore.

You will learn about bonus shares.
You will learn about the corporate events of one of the most reputed company of the Indian economy.

As much as the statement looks very alluring, the process of how it was made possible is even more interesting and can clear our understanding of how bonus shares can make wonder.

Bonus Share

A gift to investors which results in increase of number of shares without affecting the total evaluation of the portfolio.

Let’s break it…

So one fine day, I came across a Facebook post of a fellow hacker who got placed in the Red Hat Hall of Fame for finding a security bug. And as Red Hat being one of my dream companies, I too decided to jump onto the wagon. And this story talks about how I found a Tricky Stored XSS in one of the Red Hat subdomain.

What is Stored XSS?

So let’s first start with “What is Stored XSS?” and more importantly “What is XSS?”
XSS stands for Cross(X) Site Scripting. In simple words, it allows attackers to execute arbitrary code (more specifically arbitrary…

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

[ Photo Courtesy: Pexels ]

Are you graduating this year? Or are you looking for an entry level job in IT? If yes, this article will definitely help you getting your first job. In my recent experiences, I got to know that there are several skills which make you different and help you to stand out than rest of the applicants.

Disclaimer: If you’re looking for shortcuts or tricks to get a job, this won’t help you. Read further if you’re ready…

First of all let me clear few things about myself. I am an IT Grad and new to bug-bounty and security world. I started learning about hacking 3 months ago so my knowledge is really shallow compared to other people in the same field.

What I want to talk about in this blog is that many people think “why would anyone hack us!” and end up exposing sensitive information. You can’t just not lock you doors thinking why would anyone would break into my house! …

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